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Introducing USPOT and the UCHAMF families of cutters with hydraulic mechanism ingeniously utilizing the machine’s coolant liquid, controlling the movement of the insert with high accuracy – revolutionizes the way of performing counterboring and countersink milling operations, delivering unparalleled precision with excellent repeatability, optimizing process time.

The USPOT and UCHAMF families of innovative cutters can effortlessly tackle the back bore in a single pass, eliminating the need for workpiece rotation.


  • The hydraulic technology ingeniously harnesses the machine’s coolant, ensuring precise and consistent control over insert movement, unmatched in accuracy and repeatability
  • With its single-pass machining capability, there’s no need for workpiece rotation, saving valuable time and ensuring the production of more precise products.
  • Crafted to deliver unparalleled precision, catering to the rigorous standards of industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical, and electronics.
  • Experience heightened productivity and significant cost savings with shortened cycle times and optimized efficiency.

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