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For more than 40 years NOGA has been recognized worldwide for it’s state-of-the-art Hand Deburring Tools, designed to be used extensively in industrial applications.
In recent years there has been a demand for dedicated machine deburring tools external and internal back holes for the metalworking and machining industry. Today we are proud to introduce our new line of NOGA MT – Machine Tools.
NOGA MT Ultimate series products line designed for front and back Deburring, back Spotfacing and back Chamfering in a single pass through a hole.
The company is known for its innovative and reliable products, which are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of industries and applications.
In addition to its standard product line, Noga Engineering and Technology also offers customized solutions to meet the specific needs of its clients. The company has a strong commitment to quality and customer service, and it strives to provide its clients with the best possible products and support.
Noga MT as part of Noga Engineering and Technology is known for its precision, innovation, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Uspot machine tools

Meet the team

Michel Allouch

Michel Allouch - CEO

Education: B.Sc. in Civil Engineering (Technion). MBA Real Estate Valuation and Management (Haifa University). Previous positions: CEO, M.E.P Systems Division Gaon Group | Member of the Board, Plassim, Palgal and Sagiv | CEO, Hakohav Valves | VP Business Development, Tahal Group | VP Marketing & Development, Palram Industries | Various positions in Construction Engineering and Management.

Anna Bar

Anna Bar - CFO

Education: CPA,  B.A. in Economics and Accounting (Haifa University), a graduate of Kellog-Recanati Executive Development Program (Recanati Business School, Tel Aviv University). Previous positions: Joint Group Controller, Palram Industries; Senior Manager, Assurance, EY.

Dana Tomer Cohen

Dana Tomer Cohen - Human Resources Manager

Education: B.A Human Services and Communication (Haifa University). M.A Organizational Behavior studies (Netanya Academic College). Previous position: Human Resources at Haifa Chemicals Ltd – North Site.

Nati Shainer

Nati Shainer - COO

Education: BSc Industrial and Management Engineer, (ORT Braude) | Previous position EquaShield Operations Manager, Robotics Division

Shay Raviv


Education: B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering (Ort Braude) Previous positions: R&D, ISCAR | R&D Automation – SHOAM

Amir Erlichson

Amir Erlichson - Head Of Quality Assurance & IT

Education: M.A Quality Assurance and Reliability (Technion). Previous positions: Quality Assurance Manager, Ravon Electronics.

Avi Widovski


Education: B.A Business Administration (Middle East) and Social Science (Haifa University). Previous positions: Executive VP, Universal Security Systems – Los Angeles – USA.

Ori Barak

Ori Barak - Director Of Marketing & Sales

Education: B.A in Mechanical Engineering and business management (Zur Lavon University). Previous positions: Product Manager, non-contact temperature measurement technologies | Sales Manager, chemical companies.

Sagi Elkayam

Sagi Elkayam - Product Manager

Education: M.B.A in Business Management, Executive Program, (Haifa University). B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering, Academic College of Engineering - (Afeka Tel Aviv)| Practical Engineer with a Master Electrician License, (Technion) Previous positions: Global Product Manager at Iscar

Ariela Disenhouse Levi

Ariela Disenhouse Levi - Marcom Manager

Education: MBA Global Marketing (Rupin), BSc Life Science (Bar Ilan University). Previous position: Global digital Marketing Manager at Medical device companies.

Rotem Fisher

Rotem Fisher - Team leader product development

Education: B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering (Ort Braude) | Previous positions: R&D special department, Iscar.

Ido Amir

Ido Amir - R&D Mechanical Engineer

Education: B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering at (Ort Braude college). Previous positions: Mechanical designer & R&D at Teknion @ Global LTD | Manufacture engineer of robotics and automations at Iscar

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