Welcome to NOGA MT, where innovation meets precision. We are thrilled to introduce our new line of cutting tools, meticulously crafted to revolutionize your machining and manufacturing processes. Our cutting-edge family of cutters includes USPOT, UCHAMF, and UBURR, each designed to elevate your productivity and efficiency to new heights.

USPOT and UCHAMF harness the power of hydraulic technology, ingeniously utilizing the machine’s coolant liquid to control insert movement with unparalleled accuracy and repeatability. These tools excel in performing counterboring and countersink milling operations and eliminating the need for cumbersome workpiece rotation. Ideal for the most demanding industries, such as aerospace, automotive, medical, and electronics, USPOT and UCHAMF deliver ultra-precision and significant cost savings through reduced cycle times.

Complementing to USPOT and UCHAMF, meet the UBURR family that sets a new standard in deburring efficiency.

Featuring a precision cutting blade with unique geometry, the UBURR ensures drilled holes are clean, smooth, and free from any unwanted burrs designed with the highest standards of quality and performance in mind.

At NOGA MT, our vision is to provide an unparalleled experience with top-quality products.

With a commitment to precision and excellence, our cutting tools are designed to meet and exceed your highest expectations.

Join us in transforming your machining operations with the exceptional performance of USPOT, UCHAMF, and UBURR.


Deburring the front and back of a drilled through hole.


Back chamfering of a drilled through hole.


Back Spotfacing of a drilled through hold


UBurr deburring tools provide you with an innovating way to remove your burrs. This tool provieds a quick, effective, reliable and consistent deburring way of front and back side bore edges of a drilled hole in one single pass. A simple and efficient spring mechanism for inserting and removing the blade. Special blade sharpening that preserves the hole bore. UBurr tools range remove burrs with an efficient and consistent way.

This solution is faster, easier, and economical for your hole deburring problems for a mass production process.

UBurr deburring tool is a great choice for batch runs or in a production environment when a reliable and stable performance is required. UBurr deburring tools radially removes the burrs off the bore edges, without requiring the workpiece to be turned or the spindle to be stopped. The tool blade designed to easily deburr unwanted material from the front and back side of the holes in seconds.

The UBurr standard tool series range from Ø3 mm up to Ø25mm. Custom made tools can be made for your specific applications

The tool blade is designed to protect the hole bore and to unarm the internal surface.


IMTS | Chicago, USA

9-14 September 2024

Jimtof | Tokyo, Japan

5-11 November 2024

EMO | Hannover, Germany

22-27 September 2025

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